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Tryouts for our 2018/2019 Allstar Cheer Season are May 17th-19th. This year we are offering teams ranging from Exhibition - Full Year Performance, so there's a perfect fit for everyone!!! We are so excited for this season, so DON'T miss out on the fun!


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Class Description

Class Descriptions


New to tumbling; no skills OR limited skills (cartwheels, roundoffs, bridge ups)

Beginners will be working on the following:

Forward Roll
• Backward Roll
• Handstands
• Right and Left Cartwheel
• Front Cartwheel
• Bridge
• Standing Bridge Back

• Round Off

• Front Walkover
• Back Walkover
• Backhandspring *BHS*
• Round Off BHS
• Back Walkover BHS


Has clean standing or running back handspring

Intermediate classes will be working on the following:

Front Walkover Round Off BHS
• BHS Step Out to Additional Skills (multiple BHS)
• Round Off Multiple BHS
• Standing Multiple BHS

• Side Ariel

• Punch Front
• Front Handspring
• Jump to BHS
• Round Off Tuck


Has standing or running tuck AND working layouts and fulls

Advanced classes will be working on the following:

Round Off BHS Tuck
• Round Off Series BHS Tuck
• Specialty Pass into Tuck
• Elite Jump Series Connected to Series BHS

• Standing BHS Tuck

• Standing Tuck
Jump BHS Tuck
• Elite Jump Series to BHS Tuck
• Punch Front Round Off BHS Tuck
• Round Off BHS Layout
• Front Ariels

BHS Layout

• Jump BHS Layout
• Elite Jump Series to BHS Layout
• Round Off BHS Whip-through to BHS Tuck/Layout
• Power Tumbling and Endurance Tumbling
• Jump Tuck

Elite Jump Series to Tuck

• Round Off BHS Full

• Trick Skills to Full
• Standing BHS to Full
• Standing Full
• Double Full


For more information please call us at 770.683.9660 or email at